Financial International Connections Association, LLC

Global Funding Resources & Administrative Management Services

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Welcome to Financial International Connections Association, LLC

We are a global fund administration group providing client management services through our network. We offer financial products and services to qualified clients backed by our capital, credit lines and assets to participate in our structured private financial opportunities starting from $1M and up.

Our occupation consist of Fund Managers and Managing Agents that have built an auto pilot structured based platform to service and meet the financial agenda of its clients requiring access to our network.

We are revolutionized in the lending arena and continues to re-position the conventional methods by inventing innovative strategies that mark the new age with enhanced values.

We provide cutting edge financial solutions for virtually any task that is presented. As professionals, it is our position to meet the challenges and obstacles our network may face in a demanding economy. 

Through our network, clients will discover that there is no other network compared that provides easy and simple financial options like our network.

Clients will be connected to a self sufficient network that stands behind its own capital backed by its assets

Because we are self operated, we undergo a different process and through our network, our clients will discover the difference.

Clients will experience a new kind of network and its professionals that will be with its clients every step of the way. 

Join our network and our clients receive these benefits; 

1. Guaranteed 100% project funding.
2. Secure goods and services to your benefactors.
3. Virtually turn any qualified asset into cash or credit line.
4. Determine the outcome of your financial agenda.
5. Create the success of you.

It's the objective of this network to combine its creativity and strong innovations by using our strategic methods that automate our process. We are confident in our abilities to meet the daily financial challenges where others succumb to. We are ready to assist clients in achieving their financial goals and we look forward to seeing our clients in the winning circle. We believe in providing satisfaction through our strong performance by meeting our clients financial agenda.