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Welcome to the Corporate Agent Administration Group, a subsidiary of Financial International Connections Association, LLC a global consultancy resource management company. The Corporate Agent Administration Group is the project, trade and sales division that provides structured and tailored designed project and trade management services. Our group deals in the financial operations suited for the sophisticated class of elites represented as individuals or institutional assets.

We offer a niche service only predicated to special purpose investment vehicles that provide financial enhancement to the preliminary structures of our foundation. The group works with top tier trading programs which is in-housed or in partnership. Our operations represents various trading opportunities to clients.

The Corporate Agent Administration Group is structured as a transactional funding group. The group does not collect upfront fees and only collects the transactional cost due at the signing of the contract. This is assessed on a case by case basis determined by the engaged transaction and service requested.

The group accepts top rated bank instruments for monetization such as BG, SBLC and CD's and may also monetize leased bank instruments on a case by case basis. Furthermore, we issue top rated bank instruments for lease or purchase at a discount. In addition, we offer bank arranged instruments at a fixed discount price. Majority of our arranged instruments range from 1M up to 500M and be used as a monetary vehicle.

The Corporate Agent Administration Group can provide refund undertakings for selected bank instruments dependent upon the structured finance operation provided. In addition, we offer secure BG transactions via attorney to attorney. This option is for clients who require more monetary security. This option is available upon request of the client. Our group provides cash enhancement leveraging opportunities to receive up to 18 times weekly or monthly, approximately 200% monthly, 100% weekly or 400% annually for up to 5 years. These opportunities are based on the collateral and cash level of the client. In addition, most trades require funds to be placed in a safe account held by our operational attorneys and or banks. 

In other scenarios, funds may not be required to move or a POF confirmation is required. This is assessed on a case by case basis. This group does not work with non-complying clients. There are no second chances and we don't allow shoppers.

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