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Exchange Banking Services

Cross Coins through its exchange bank provides cross border payments for clients needing to buy or sell foreign currency. Our team of experienced International Payment Exchange Managers (IPX Managers) will listen to your personal circumstances and suggest various ways of purchasing currency in order to minimize your currency risk.

We have a wealth of experience in dealing with clients requiring foreign currency for purchasing a property abroad or those migrating to another country. We understand the importance of a fast and efficient service, which guarantees that all payments are made on time and are provided by a friendly but professional currency specialist. We can assist in spot and forward currency exchanges from $1,000,000.00 and up.

Benefits of a Currency Account

When transferring money abroad make your funds go further. Whether you're buying property overseas, emigrating or sending money to friends and family, we can send your money to where you need it at a highly competitive rate, for a low fee and with all the help you want.

Bank-beating exchange rates – typically 3-4% better than high street banks, which could equate to a saving of up to $4,000 on an overseas transfer of $100,000.

Fast money transfers 24/7 – make overseas payments online at your convenience, using live rate information.

Safeguarded customer funds – Through our platform, Cross Coins is authorized and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority for the provision of payment services, with the right of establishment in the USA.

Free expert guidance – helping you trade on the currency markets at the right time, so you get the best exchange rate possible – making your money go further.

Payments & Rates

  • One-off payments – Make payments quickly at your convenience, either online or over the phone. Enjoy free expert guidance from a dedicated account manager.
  • Regular payment plans – Automatically make regular transfers - via direct debit - at a schedule that suits you. Even lock into an exchange rate for up to two years.
  • Target a rate – If you think the exchange rate will move in your favor we offer “market orders”. These allow you to target better exchange rates, not currently available on the market.
  • Fix a rate – If you want to plan your foreign exchange needs in advance, we offer “forward contracts”. These enable you to lock into the current exchange rate up to two years in advance of a payment, so you don’t have to worry about the market moving against you - perfect for buying and selling property or making large payments.


Each client will be required to submit an application to open an account in their personal or corporate name. This works the same way as opening and depositing to a bank. We do not exchange or accept forex trade accounts.

Paying for your currency

You can send funds to us by electronic bank Swift transfer into our client account to be nominated. We operate on Swift procedures only. Your bank may charge you to send an electronic transfer but we will be able to send your funds overseas immediately upon receipt of your funds.

Required Documents:

  1. Client Information Sheet
  2. Personal/Corporate Application
  3. Corporate Documents (If Required)

 Category A – Identification check

• A signed, valid passport.

• Both parts of a full photo card driving license. This can be used as proof of address or proof of identification.

• A national identity card.

Category B – Address check

• A utility bill which should be less than three months old (mobile telephone bills are not acceptable).

• Both parts of a full photo card driving license. This can be used as proof of address or proof of identification.

• A current/valid tenancy agreement.

• A bank statement which should be less than three months old (credit card statements are not acceptable).