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Asset Enhancement Funding

This service is a special funds vehicle that arranges asset transfers through financial institution and their account holders to receive 100% non-recourse project funding backed by our KTT Telex Transfers, SBLC's and MT103 Internal Cash Transfers for projects starting from $1M & up to be arranged with account holders bank. The assets are delivered via swift and blocked in favor of the account holder's via their bank.


Bank Endorsed Funding

We provide 100% funding and newly issued lease/purchase credit deferred bank endorsed instruments to applicant’s mid-size projects from $10M to $500M such as BG/SBLC/CD or Treasury Bonds (Not Strips) from top rated European Banks for 1 year. The applicant will endorse instruments to us to secure 100% funding or to acquire deferred bank instruments from us. If the applicant is unable to meet our requirements, a refundable escrow fee is required to be deposited to our third party licensed escrow.


Premium Insurance Funding

This service is for applicants with humanitarian developments ranging from $10M to $5B. In this application, the applicant will be required to provide financial information that will allow us to create the best project funding scenario. The applicant must qualify with at least 2.5% of the requested capital as a starting position to raise capital. All projects are 100% insured and guaranteed with our Premium Insurance Policy Binder.



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