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Getting Started

Below are two guaranteed project funding opportunities to select from to begin your application process.

To help you determine what application meets your funding needs, we will provide you with a reminder as to the initial email you received from your Managing Agent or through our Client Network Administration.


Asset Arranged Funding

This service is a special funds vehicle that arranges asset transfers through financial institution and their account holders to receive 100% non-recourse project funding backed by our KTT Telex Transfers, SBLC's and MT103 Internal Cash Transfers for projects starting from $1M & up to be arranged with account holders bank. The assets are delivered via swift and blocked in favor of the account holder's via their bank.



Premium Insurance Funding

This service is for applicants with humanitarian developments ranging from $10M to $5B. In this application, the applicant will be required to provide financial information that will allow us to create the best project funding scenario. The applicant must qualify with at least 2.5% of the requested capital as a starting position to raise capital. All projects are 100% insured and guaranteed with our Premium Insurance Policy Binder.


Important Notice: You must be the the Client/Applicant to submit this application (No Exceptions).

If you are not the Client/Applicant, DO NOT SUBMIT APPLICATION.

When submitting application, make sure you place the name of the Managing Agent who referred you to our services.

If you have come to our services without the assistance of a Managing Agent, place "GFM" as the default Managing Agent.

Asset Backed Funding