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Escrow & Invoices

F.I.C.A. Unlimited Group, LLC offers simple payment options. We provide our clients with the option to pay through our escrow or by invoice payment. 

Invoice payments are payable by the client receiving an invoice and paying via their debit/credit card upon receipt of the invoice.

Escrow services are payable by bank wire transfer. See how it works below.

Step 1. Register

Steps to register your own account:

  • Click on the "Sign Up" button on any page in the top right corner.
  • Enter your email address. You must have an email address to register with our escrow. This is required as a login name and for secured communications with our escrow.
    • If you were invited via an email, this field will be pre-filled in for you. You need to verify that this is your primary email account that you will want to communicate through going forward. If it is not, change now.
    • Create and verify a unique Password for your account. (Password must be 10 characters long)
  • Input your First and Last Name: The name on your account MUST match the name on the bank account that our escrow will be depositing or receiving wired funds from. If you are using our escrow for a business transaction you can enter the Business name in addition to your personal name.
  • Complete the required all address fields
  • Input Date of Birth, all users must be over 19 years of age.
  • Upload identity verification documents. These include government ID pieces like a driver’s license or passport. This is to comply with Federal anti-federal laundering requirements. If you are using our escrow as a business, you will also be required to supply additional documents for the Business name.
  • You're Done!

Step 2. Fund Transaction 

Once the both parties have approved, the Buyer will be required to fund the full Transaction value into our Escrow account.

  1. The Buyer will be presented with a funding request page bearing the Wells Fargo logo. This page can be revisited at any time, but is ONLY visible when logged in to the platform. 
  2. IMPORTANT: We will NEVER email you a version of this page or ask for payment through companies like Western Union or Moneygram.

  3. Our escrow receives funding via Bank Wire Transfer ONLY: When requesting the wire transfer at your bank or credit union, you MUST include the 16-digit, alphanumeric transaction number located near the bottom of the funding request page. **Funds must be sent from a bank account bearing the same name as that on your user account.**

An email to both parties will notify everyone when our escrow has secured the full transaction value. The transaction status will advanced to "Active" on both parties' dashboards indicating that the payment has cleared into the escrow account.

Step 3. Seller Completes Transaction as Agreed

The Seller is now required to complete the agreement as laid out in the Transaction details. This includes the Payment release terms.

Step 4. Seller requests Payment

Once the Seller has satisfied the Payment release terms, they will request a release of funds by clicking the “Request Payment” button. This Payment Request can be for Full or Partial payment. The Seller can also add additional comments and supporting documentation that will be forwarded with the payment request. Our escrow will require the Seller to input their Bank account information. This will be the account that our escrow will deposit funds into once the Buyer has approved the Payment Request. The Sellers Bank account must be for the same name as in the Account profile.

The Buyer will be emailed with the payment request. There will be two options:

  1. If the Transaction has been completed as agreed then click the "Accept" button. By clicking "Accept" the Buyer authorizes our escrow to release the funds and acknowledges that the Seller has satisfied the Transaction.
  2. If the Transaction has not been completed according to the Transaction details, then click "Reject" button. You will be required to fill out the comment section detailing the additional work required. An email will be sent back to the Seller to complete. Once the work has been completed, the Seller will re-submit the Payment request and you will once again have option 1 or 2.


In the event that the Buyer requests a refund, the same process would be followed as if the Seller were requesting payment.

  1. The Buyer would log in to their account and click the “Request Refund” button.
  2. The Buyer must then include a comment explaining the reason behind the refund request.
  3. The Seller must then agree to the refund before any amount can be transferred back into the Buyer’s account.

Step 5. Releases the Funds

Our escrow releases the funds directly into the Seller Bank account and closes out the Transaction. Both the Buyer and Seller will receive email notification that the funds have been disbursed and the Transaction is now complete.