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Project Development

There are a lot of finance companies that will not apply its capital to project developers without requiring upfront money. Due to the vigorous nature in meeting these criteria’s, we understand that having a shortage of income makes it difficult to acquire financial backing.

If this has been your experience, then you are in the category of every project developer that has placed their dreams on hold.

How would you like to qualify yourself to receive non-repayment funding and eliminate conventional funding terms for good?

You have been invited to assist us in liquidating our funds for project related purposes. And for your assistance, we will financially back 100% of your private projects. That is any non commercial related project.

The source of the funds is built on the security of top rated bank instruments. This means that we do not demand project developers to put 30%-40% down on the total project amount requested like majority of lenders require.

This is a three (3) part process and what we would like the project developer to understand is that your project funding is truly 100% project finance because there is nothing conventional or traditional about raising capital.

In other words, by having a three (3) part process this allows us to eliminate the UPFRONT deposit that would naturally take away from the project developer receiving 100% project financing.

To liquidate the funds, our financial partners require three qualifying components as follows;

1. Asset Portfolio

2. Use of Good Credit 

3. Cash Portfolio

The asset or credit portfolio is the first line of defense if you will. The asset or credit portfolio is what generates or activates the funding. By utilizing your asset or credit portfolio in our favor, it eliminates the conventional down payments lenders require and the project developer avoids interest repayments and or any penalties that may be sanctioned to a project developer under the lending criteria’s of a lender.

Before any project is accepted, what we look for is the asset or credit portfolio (security) type the project developer has available to support their project. The asset or credit portfolio is the most important because this is what determines the growth projection of the project.

Given the circumstances of raising capital and its importance, it is heavily regarded that to support the project developer with meeting their financial benchmarks, its imperative the project developer understands that supporting their project is the most valuable asset to possess. To take responsibility in your project is to believe in the value of your project. In other words, the project developer must be able to contribute their good asset or credit portfolio to the project in order to receive support and 100% financial backing.

Money is what drives the market and what good asset or credit portfolio the project developer presents to reach the liquidity required to support personal and managed projects is the event in which you choose how to arrive at that formality; because it becomes your golden ticket to your own financial ball.

Our financial partner is a private project management organization that raises capital through its Managed Buy-Sell Platform in favor of its projects. To get access to our platform, you must be invited, qualified and accepted into our platform.

We have a solution for any client that has a plan. Financial International Connections Association, LLC through its financial partners and its professionals work with you to create a solution that provides you the confidence of operating your existing or new business comfortably.