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Real Estate Funding

Imagine a quick line of revolving credit to close your next commercial real estate purchase, financing that does not tie up your property, bank accounts, or business assets and does not involve credit or credit reporting in any way. Then imagine financing based on your stocks, mutual funds, bonds or even your cash on hand, perhaps placed into some conservative securities of your choice to obtain maximum credit.

Imagine funding available in two weeks instead of two months (or more) so you can close now. Imagine all that, with no sale of your securities, 24/7 online access, through a major SIPC-member U. S.-based SIPC/FINRA-member institution. For any real estate investor who has despaired of today’s lengthy, expensive, dragged-out financing options, we have an answer that can be a cause for real optimism that we call Credit Line Enhancement Lending.

Credit Line Enhancement Real Estate Financing features:

  • Speed: Funds available in as few as five days (eight business days on average.)
  • Cash Option: Clients with cash can put two asset classes to work, not just one, by restructuring cash into eligible securities and a Credit Line Enhancement.
  • Credit Independence: No credit reported so nothing reflected on debt/asset record.
  • Solutions: Finance any real estate package or use for down payment.
  • Versatility: Fund real estate scenarios that don’t qualify for conventional bank loans.
  • Timeliness: Keep a credit line handy with known rates, ready to use like insurance.
  • International Programs: Foreign clients and securities may be eligible.
  • Ease: Broad range of securities eligibility with a relationship-oriented licensed lender.
  • Solutions: Increase chance that seller financing (combined with Credit Line Enhancement) can complete and close deals that were likely to fall short; combine with other financing.
  • License: SIPC/FIDC/FINRA-member top-tier institution and expert, experienced advisers. Allows client to open a long-term relationship with a proactive U.S. institution.
  • Market-best Rates: Rates, from 1.4% to 3.8% on average, depending on portfolio.
  • Convenience: Interest-only repayment & no maturity date in a revolving credit line. Not an offer to buy or sell securities. No tax, investment, real estate mortgage, or other advice should be inferred.

Please contact a licensed professional for guidance on tax matters. Fast, Low-Rate, Institutional Securities-based Financing A Timely Solution for Real Estate Investors.