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The most important aspect of our business is service. It is our variety of networks that allows us to present easy to use and receive services that compliment your financial outcome. Financial International Connections Association, LLC is proud to be a part of our client’s success. Because we are keen on building your success through our financial partners, we are going to provide you with service descriptions of services offered. 

Financial International Connections Association, LLC operates for one purpose and one purpose only, to provide capital assistance for all lending purposes. Our firm specializes in capital loan finance and provides customized funding based on clients lending needs.

Financial International Connections Association, LLC offers packages that critique our lending abilities on a global scale. With these services, we are able to gather and locate an array of financial resources to match the right loan to our clients.

Service Offer #1 – Asset Management Allocations

Our asset management provides clients with the flexibility to purchase wholesale prime bank instruments at below market prices. This service allows the client to use the prime bank instruments as owned assets to be collateral for goods, services, trade finance and projects. Our asset management provides the client the service to receive swift delivery.

Service Offer #2  Asset Registration Services

We work with a variety of instruments that require registration. We provide clients with the ability to get their unregistered assets into the local markets for various financial arrangements. We can arrange ISIN and CUSIP registrations as individual and bulk orders as well as other services. In addition, we assist clients with raising capital through our registered advisory partners. 

For instance, stocks, bonds, warrants, syndicated loans, derivatives, equity options, treasuries, medium term notes (MTNs), commercial paper, trusts of all kinds, rights, futures, options, ETFs and many more obtain ISIN numbers.

Essentially, the most popular method of obtaining an ISIN number is for equity or debt offerings. Thus, if a company is issuing stocks, whether private or public, client often will seek to obtain an ISIN number. This is particularly true for debt offerings. A company conducting a bond offering or note offering will most likely seek an ISIN number, especially if these offerings fall under Rule 144A (144A Offering) or Regulation S (Reg S) or is a Global Note. Both types of offerings are common when applying for an ISIN code and CUSIP number.

Service Offer #3 – Private Placements & Manage Buy Sells

What Is A Private Placement?

Or non-public offering is a funding round of securities which are sold not through a public offering, but rather through a private offering, mostly to a small number of chosen investor’s. The sale of securities to a relatively small number of select investor’s as a way of raising capital.

Investors involved in private placements are usually large banks, mutual funds, insurance companies and pension funds. Private placement is the opposite of a public issue, in which securities are made available for sale on the open market.

Since a private placement is offered to a few, select individuals, the placement does not have to be registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

In many cases, detailed financial information is not disclosed and the need for a prospectus is waived. Finally, since the placements are private rather than public, the average investor is only made aware of the placement after it has occurred.

There are many project funding programs available however there are none that are performing like this! This private organization has reshaped the financial industry and how money is used to induce the economy.

And with their being millions available and allocated to project funding, this private organization has removed the word “payback” out of the equation and has no problem funding. The private organization is privately in-housed with its assets, credit lines and trading platforms based in Australia & Paris.

This program offers a structured manage buy sell backed by top rated instruments. The platform purchases and resales fresh cut medium term notes (MTN’s) to its end buyers and utilize the profits earned to fund global projects at 100% on a non-recourse basis. 

Service Offer #4 – Credit Line Enhancement Lending

To summarize what a Credit Line Enhancement is a wholesale-rate loan with no or minimal lender-side fees or costs, higher LTV, and faster delivery with as little documentation as possible given the asset type and client background.

Credit Line Enhancement Lending leaves the kind of low-profile footprint typical high net-worth clients require. It is highly confidential and secure, despite being delivered by a major fully-licensed SIPC/FINRA institution, and except in rare cases, is not reported to credit bureaus regardless of type of collateral unless requested by client.

All Credit Line Enhancements regardless of collateral type are designed to be a significant cut above common asset financing. Credit Line Enhancements serves these and other needs:

Those who need a quick tax payment solution when a major bill arrives.

Those who seek to have very low-cost line of credit as “insurance cash”.

Those who have medical or family emergencies requiring cash quickly.

Those seeking a way to pay for college without putting their child in debt.

Those who are “net worth rich” but “liquidity poor.”

First-time franchisees or business acquirers needing additional operating capital.

Service Offer #5 - Swift Messaging & Relays

We provide two message swift services.

1. We offer MT103, MT799 and MT760 for Single Customer Credit Transfers (One Ways), BG and SBLC. This service could be used either for messages being sent to us by the messenger or us sending this message to clients. The minimum is 1M to 5B. We offer a fixed price for this service. We provide swift service in USD and Euro. For swifts in euro, please contact us. Please see below.

Swift Service (1M to 100M)Swift Service (100M to 1B)Swift Service (1B to 5B)

2. We provide RMA established swift messages on behalf of clients that have selected instruments requiring bank related services. This swift service is fixed at 2.5% of the face value. We provide and arrange all swift messages from MT100 to MT900's. The minimum is 1M to 100M.