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Site Disclosure

The information displayed on this site is for public use. The products and services are open for discussion to provide knowledge to interested parties requiring risk managed capital and enhancement solutions. 

This organization operates on an per invite basis and can accept or deny Payment Protection Specialist invitation as the organization see's fit. The Payment Protection Specialist is pre-qualified by his/her assigned Capital Protection Manager before an invitation is extended to the Payment Protection Specialist

Each Payment Protection Specialist is established with a managed account managed by our organization. 

Effective immediately - For each successful application completed by Payment Protection Specialist through a Payment Protection Plan, Payment Protection Specialist will be required to perform the required recommendation or similar within 30 calendar days after receiving their “Welcome Letter” (NO EXCEPTIONS!!!!).

If the Payment Protection Specialist fails to perform within 30 calendar days, this will be considered an inactive file and this will automatically result in permanent termination. A termination letter will be provided and if at any point in the 30 day trial period the Payment Protection Specialist does not comply with the protocols set by this organization, this will qualify as automatic grounds for termination.

The organization does accept independent consultants Payment Protection Specialist referrals. Should the independent consultant engage us on behalf of the Payment Protection Specialist, the independent consultant will be required to secure his/her consultation fee's prior to this organization engaging the Payment Protection Specialist.

Alternatively, this organization does recommend that independent consultant's maintain its relationship as a Capital Protection Manager of Financial International Connections Association, LLC. The Capital Protection Manager will manage and operate its own Progressive Capital Security Fund through our Global Resource Administrative Capital Enhancement System.

If you are a Payment Protection Specialist seeking alternative lending solutions to increase capital without risk, enter our site and select your plan.

If you are an independent consultant seeking new opportunity, enter our site and select "Join The Team" and become a Capital Protection Manager.