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Introducing Wealth

We'd like to welcome you to a financial experience that has revolutionized wealth to a new standard. The norm of wealth has been redefined to where wealth limitations are obsolete. We are the International Bank Services of Wealth Management that secures capital into risk managed wealth enhancement strategies. Through us, we have established a connection between conventional banking and risk managed banking.

The difference is that placing capital into risky transactions has no bearing with us. That is because we have broken through the conventional portal of risky banking. In other words, we connect capital to risk deferred assets that provides protection superseding bank limitations and FDIC regulations. 

We are members of a Global Insurance & Private Banking Association that operates a Global Resource Administrative Capital Enhancement System herein known as the G.R.A.C.E. System.

What is the G.R.A.C.E. System?

An administrative wealth connections system that connects Private Operational Bankers to a variety of risk managed wealth enhancement strategies. The system is designed to navigate our objectives through our Private Operational Bankers providing risk managed wealth enhancement solutions.

We assist Private Operational Bankers with opening an Insurance Certified Deposit Account that certifies each deposits against every low to high maintenance contract and development financed through our system. 

In simpler terms, we find new innovative ways to recondition the conventional thinkers to open their minds to new wealth enhancement possibilities by removing traditional banking methods without causing risk or harm.

Each fund must have a main attraction. In that attraction comes the subsidiaries of that attraction. In other words, having a hierarchy of positions in the service plan as follow:

The Fund

The fund is the caveat to engaging low to high maintenance contracts and developments. The fund is managed through the Global Insurance & Private Banking Association that operates privately. This fund is supported by the managed transactions.

How are the funds generated?

The funds are generated by assets backed by cash held in a private offshore bank in Taiwan. The funds are held by a global conglomerate that has centered itself in the financial market creating the liquidity to finance low to high maintenance contracts and developments at infinite levels. In other words, the fund supports developments and cross border acquisitions engaged by its Private Operational Bankers who sit at the table of the organization. The signature component of our funds is that it is backed by the fundamentals of creative financing. These fundamentals are the catalyst for new development and expanding the economic structures bringing in a new era.

The purpose of this protection fund and its progressiveness is that the instruments are adopted by the financial sector creating the collateral backed assets relied upon as a deposit to the people. We are the people and the people are the instruments to the success of a new dawn.

Through this conglomerate, the Global Insurance & Private Banking Association has formed a Risk Management Organization that has obtained assets backed by cash. This capital is pledged to top rated insurance firms as collateral activating a line of credit to secure insurance binders.

There is new opportunity that has rivaled the figurative nature of old thinking and conservative minds of an old century.

Our system will change the formalities of what it is known as regressed capital. In other words, unpredictable financial markets that provides zero to little value. Our fund is the backbone to a dying market.

The value that we provide is absolute protection that restores the value of capital. The protection that removes the phrase “May Lose Value” against conventional banking methods. This fund is what the people asked for and they shall receive it. A new way to deposit capital without the unruly burdens of risk. It's time to discover the next global approach to financing in its new design.