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International Bank Services of Wealth Management

Financial International Connections Association, LLC offers an International Bank Account (IBA) to a Private Operational Banker that require transactional management assistance.

We assist Private Operational Bankers with establishing International Bank Accounts (IBA) in commercial or private banks located in the Netherlands. The account can be used for any financial purpose.

IBA package is included with Payment Protection Plan.

What we offer:

  1. Company Formation
  2. Business name of your choice
  3. Dedicated Accountant
  4. Tax and Legal Services Included
  5. Dedicated Bank Account
  6. Insurance Certified Deposits
  7. Online Accessibility
  8. Dedicated Customer Service

All established accounts come with optional fiduciary management services. This means that the Private Operational Banker can choose to control 100% of the established company or not.

The caveat to having a fiduciary management team is to provide support with future expansions such as opening additional accounts, other banking related activities or corporate based solutions to be managed without the Private Operational Banker’s physical presence (if applicable).

The great benefit to opening an offshore account is that the Private Operational Banker is able to customize its corporate structure as he/she sees fit.

The average turnaround time is approximately 30 calendar days to complete account opening process.

Getting started is easy and simple. Select your plan, get covered, get paid...